• What a beautiful difference

    It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago everything was so torn up.  The space is now fully functional with 3 exam lanes, a much larger & improved pre-testing area with a dedicated room for the Digital Retinal Camera.

    It’s a night and day difference from the old space.  It needs to be seen to be believed.

    Tigard Eyecare

    The new front of Tigard Eyecare.

    The biggest change though, if you ask any of the staff or the patients, has got to be the change in noise.   There’s really no escaping it… the practice is in a very busy warehouse store.  Noise in a warehouse is simply a fact of life.  The old design was completely open to the store.  While it was very open and inviting, it was also incredibly hard to hear things at times.  On a busy day, with a busy office, it was difficult to hear the phone ring, let alone actually hear what was being said on the other end.   It was great how people could just walk up to the staff, but the din was overwhelming at times.

    Old Reception Area

    Old Reception

    Now though?   The space is completely walled in, insulated and isolated from the majority of the warehouse noise- a difference everyone appreciates.

    TIgard Eyecare Entryway

    The new entry to Tigard Eyecare

    Once inside, the new layout works better for everyone- patients, Doctors and staff.  From the efficiency of the new front counter to the darkened camera room for better Digital Retinal Photos to the expanded ADA compliant exam room, everything is designed to enhance the patient experience.

    Tigard Eyecare Entry

    View when you enter Tigard Eyecare.

    Tigard Eyecare Front Desk

    Tigard Eyecare’s New Front Desk

    Tigard Eyecare Pre-test area.

    Tigard Eyecare’s newly expanded pre-test area.

    Tigard Eyecare Contact Lens Training

    The new Contact Lens Training area.

    As part of the remodel, we’ve also upgraded our primary pre-test equipment to new Nidek M3 Tono-Ref’s that hook directly into our 3 Marco RT5100 Auto-Phoroptors.  The M3’s are pretty slick.  They do both Refraction and tonometry so the patient doesn’t have to change position and the staff can just focus on getting reliable results for the Doctor.   It’s a much more efficient system.

    Tigard Eyecare's new pretest equipment.

    Tigard Eyecare’s new Nidek M3 & Auto Lensometer.

    Finally, a quick look at the new exam lanes.

    Exam lanes 1 & 2 are essentially mirror images of each other that are at the far end of the space.

    Tigard Eyecare Exam 1

    Tigard Eyecare’s newly remodeled exam lane 1.

    Exam lane 3 is the ADA compliant exam lane for patients that may have mobility issues.  The chair slides forward, backward or out of the way completely and everything else is fully adjustable for a full range of different height requirements.   It’s another excellent upgrade.

    Tigard Eyecare ADA Exam

    Tigard Eyecare’s ADA Compliant Exam Room.

    All in all, the remodel was a massive change for the practice that entailed hundreds of hours of designs, revisions, meetings & construction that has been a welcome change from the old space.   While we saw thousands of patients through the old office over the course of 15 years, we look forward to serving our patients in our beautiful expansion.

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  1. Byron Lenhart says:

    Dr. McAdoo, and Team, Remodel looks GREAT… and new technology updates too! Excellent. Congrats. Look forward to my next appointment.