Weather Related Challenges

If seems to finally be warming up enough to break up a lot of the ice that’s been plaguing the metro area for the last week or so. Our hearts go out to all of our patients and friends who are still dealing with fallen trees, wrecked cars and a loss of power and internet. … [Read more…]

Our Semi-Annual Reminder to Avoid Halloween Contact Lenses like those you find at the Convenience Store. It’s Halloween and the time of year when thousands of people will see a set of zombie eye contact lenses at their local convenience store and think “Man, those will go great with my costume this year!”. It’s also the time of year when those same people will check in to their eye doctors … [Read more…]

FDA Warns to Quit Using Eye Drops from CVS, Target, & Rite Aid I think this is the second time this has happened, but the FDA issued a new warning to quit using store branded eye drops from several retailers. Upon inspection, the FDA found “insanitary conditions at the manufactoring facilities” and “positive bacterial test results from environmental sampling of critical drug production areas in the facilityā€¯. … [Read more…]

503-639-8632 is Repaired

With great thanks to the Costco IT Services hard work, they found the issue with the line and got it fixed. It is now 100% functional and the voicemail is working fine. We’re sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused and if you called and couldn’t get through, please try again! Thank you for … [Read more…]

Phone Update

Please use 503-639-8533 to contact our office. The number ending in 8632 is currently dead and on a repair calendar for the phone company and is not working at this time- sorry for any inconvenience!