Online Portal

Follow the link to our online patient portal. The design is straight out of 2003, but it’s HIPAA compliant and hosted on a secure server by our Electronic Medical Record provider Crystal Practice Management. Clicking the link will open a new web page and take you to the portal on Crystal PM’s cloud server.

Please note: the patient portal is NOT hosted on Tigard Eyecare’s web server or on our internal server.

Crystal Practice Management provides our exam software and they manage the portal and ensure compliance with HIPAA.

If you have any questions, please give us a call and we can walk you through logging on, changing your password and any other issues that may arise.

Please note: on the portal is a section on the Forms page to submit new patient information. We are not currently using that particular function of the portal so it will not work with our system yet. Please do not attempt to send us your information through that form. We’ll update this page as soon as that is functional!

Thank you,

Tigard Eyecare