• Weather Related Challenges

    If seems to finally be warming up enough to break up a lot of the ice that’s been plaguing the metro area for the last week or so. Our hearts go out to all of our patients and friends who are still dealing with fallen trees, wrecked cars and a loss of power and internet. This has been a really challenging time for everyone.

    I also want to give a giant thank you to all of the linemen and contractors who have been valiantly working around the clock to repair broken power lines and clear downed trees. Your work is critical and important and we thank you for all you do.

    During the past few weeks of this stuff, there have been a few days that no staff could make it in to the office; days that staff made it in, but patients couldn’t.

    It’s OK.

    We have tried to get everyone affected rescheduled for another day. However if your appointment still hasn’t been rescheduled, please give us a call at 503-639-8632 and we’ll get you an appointment at your convenience.

    Stay safe & warm, and give us a call. We’re here to help you see better and we look forward to your call!

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