Low Cost Digital Imaging using an iPhone

This is an older news item about a low cost approach to get retinal images using nothing more than an iPhone or Android device.   Students and researchers at Stanford University have created a small, detachable lens system using off the shelf parts to create a basic, functional retinal camera called the EyeGo. They hope to … [Read more…]

Monet’s Paintings Affected by his Cataracts

Don’t let this happen to your art career! This is a fascinating article about how when Monet was in his 70’s, his cataracts began to interfere with how he could see the images he wanted to paint.   Since his vision was becoming cloudier and cloudier with a definite color shift due to the advancement of … [Read more…]

Implantable contact lenses to correct for reading

No one bothered to tell me that when I hit 40, my close up reading vision would go kaput.   There’s a nifty little byproduct of the aging process where the lens begins to loose some of its flexibility- just like many other joints in your body.  This leads to someone having a harder time focusing … [Read more…]

Google working on Glucose Sensing Contact Lens

What a fascinating time we live in.   Last summer, Google announced in conjunction with Novartis (owner of Alcon) that they are working together to produce a glucose sensing contact lens for use in management of diabetes.   The lens has a small chip and wireless capabilities to send up -to-date information to your smart phone … [Read more…]