• Low Cost Digital Imaging using an iPhone

    This is an older news item about a low cost approach to get retinal images using nothing more than an iPhone or Android device.   Students and researchers at Stanford University have created a small, detachable lens system using off the shelf parts to create a basic, functional retinal camera called the EyeGo. They hope to be marketing it for under $100 when it’s ready.

    The EyeGo Developed by Standford University


    This isn’t a replacement device for the $25,000 retinal camera in your Doctor’s office nor will the images ever be confused with ones coming out of an $80,000 Optos Ultra Wide Field Imaging machine.

    But for a fast, cheap, and portable device that can be used anywhere… this thing will be indispensable.

    Dr. McAdoo has done several missions around the world to provide eye care to under-served  populations that are typically quite remote.  Over the course of a week, her and the students will see upwards of 4,000 patients, many of whom get no regular medical care.  Getting a standard retinal camera into such a location is nearly impossible, but this device?   Every single doc and student could carry one in their bag.

    Not bad of an image for a $90 device hooked to an iPhone.


    Check out the brief details below…



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