Snakes and our Vision

We may have developed the ability to resolve fine detail (known as “clarity”) as well as our color vision in order to defend ourselves from snakes. Retinal receptors were refined to differentiate a snake’s presence from a simple stick on the ground or a branch in a tree. See the article here: Careful out … [Read more…]

The world through a Tetrachromatic’s Eyes

Normal human color vision is called “Trichromatic,” which is provided by retinal cells that can sense a range of wavelengths centered around three main colors: blue, red, and green. “Tetrachromatic” color vision is uniquely provided by an incredibly rare genotype, which allows a fourth color receptor in the eyes. Most humans have vision than can … [Read more…]

“The Dress”

In case you were wondering if the mystery of “The Dress” has been solved, you can find some facts here: NY Times article Many thanks to our friend and colleague, Stan Teplick, MD, for sharing this article with us! I hope you all have a wonderful day! Theresa