• Contact lenses for Sports?… of course!

    When my parents gave me Contact Lenses for my 14th birthday, it was at a time that contact lenses were a very expensive option for vision correction.  But, oh my!… what a difference in my life they made!

    I was on the track team as a sophomore, and glasses bouncing up and down (and sometimes off), was hazardous and not conducive to good running technique. After getting contacts, my running times improved by almost 10%!  I was gifted with vision that was almost as good as I had before I needed glasses, with excellent peripheral vision and no glasses that got foggy or fell off.

    These days, contacts are still an excellent option for sports, and they are so much more affordable.  If you’ve been thinking about trying contact lenses, give our office a call to set up an appointment.  It would be our privilege to help you.

    Here’s a great article summarizing some of the options available:


    And, thanks again Mom & Dad for my first pair of Contact Lenses!

    Have a great day,


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