Melting your camera 101

A great demonstration of why you can not photograph the eclipse without the appropriate filter on the lens.   Remember being a kid and there was always that one kid who wanted to fry ants with a magnifying glass?  Its the same principle and effect except with your expensive camera body and a much stronger lens. … [Read more…]

The 2017 Eclipse Traffic Nightmare has begun!

The Great Eclipse Migration has begun!   Travelers are already landing at Walmart’s and parking lots across the zone of totality in anticipation of Monday’s eclipse.  This article from the Oregonian is a good reminder to come prepared even if you’re not planning to camp out for the show.  Oregon’s population is expected to grow by … [Read more…]

Perseid Meteor Shower- August 12

If you have never seen the Perseid Meteor shower, please do yourself a favor and go find a nice dark spot away from the city lights so you can enjoy one of Mother Natures greatest light shows. I can still remember lying on a deck in a dark backyard with my two toddlers, all of … [Read more…]

Weird things!

Weird things that can happen with a total eclipse This is from the blog of Rick Boozer, an astrophysicist, and he mentions some pretty neat stuff! To be honest, I haven’t really been that interested in all of the eclipse hoopla in the news, but after reading a few of the things that can happen … [Read more…]

August Sky Events

While looking around for the info about the eclipse, I stumbled across this list at National Geographic- a list of the really cool sky stuff happening this month including the Perseid Meteor Showers on August 12th and multiple chances to see planets Jupiter, Saturn and Venus if your skies are clear.   I’m concerned that with … [Read more…]

The Eclipse

We’re getting the question pretty often here at Tigard Eyecare: ” How do I watch the eclipse?”  Usually followed by “Are you selling the special eclipse glasses?” To answer the glasses question:  No, we currently do not sell any glasses that are appropriate for viewing the upcoming eclipse. As for how to watch it, this … [Read more…]