• The world through a Tetrachromatic’s Eyes

    Normal human color vision is called “Trichromatic,” which is provided by retinal cells that can sense a range of wavelengths centered around three main colors: blue, red, and green. “Tetrachromatic” color vision is uniquely provided by an incredibly rare genotype, which allows a fourth color receptor in the eyes.

    Most humans have vision than can resolve a maximum of 1 million colors. An artist named Concetta Antico has the gift of tetrachromatic color vision, allowing her to reach up to 100 million colors. Concetta’s “Super-Vision” status is beyond any previously measured artistic color and value use.

    Most of her works are produced in one sitting, with such depth and character that it can create awe and disbelief in some of her admirers. Concetta Antico is currently the only authenticated Tetrachromat Artist on the planet.

    Read more about her here: http://concettaantico.com/

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