• Weather Related Changes

    Here we go again.

    While we are all still recovering from the snowpocalypse of last week, freezing rain is on the way for today, supposedly starting sometime this afternoon and continuing though the evening commute.


    Last week was the first day in over five years where we were forced to close due to the weather.  When none of the doctors or staff can safely make it to the office, we must reschedule the day- the safety of staff and patients is just too important.

    And now, freezing rain.

    Our current plan for today is that staff and Dr. McAdoo will be in at noon with the option of rescheduling any patients in the afternoon depending on the weather.   As we Oregonians are all aware, the weather here can change as soon as you turn around.   Last night, the weather service was saying the freezing rain would hit by 4am and make the morning commute awful, but be gone by afternoon; now that timeline has shifted for it to hit around 1-2pm today and last until this evening when things will finally start warming up.

    If this this hits as predicted, we do not want our patients or staff driving on sheets of ice and potentially being stuck in the freezing rain.  We will call everyone scheduled to announce our closure and try to reschedule everyone for a little later in the week when things begin to thaw.   If you have any questions or concerns regarding an exam you have scheduled for today- January 17, 2017, please just give us a call at 503-639-8632 and we will be happy to help you out.


    tldr: We are open but may need to close early.  Please call beforehand to confirm your appointment.

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