• Office changes due to COVID-19

    We want to update everyone on a few changes at the warehouse where we’re located due to concerns over COVID-19.

    First Change: Costco has made the decision to temporarily close their Hearing Aid, Photo Center, and the Optical departments for the immediate future. If you have glasses that have come in, you can still pick them up, but they are no longer selling, fitting or ordering any new eyeglasses or contacts for members.

    Second Change:  On busy days like weekends and other ‘rush’ times, they are enacting a ‘door count’ to keep the numbers low in the warehouse.  The door count will operate just like a popular nightclub- members will wait outside in line and as a member checks out and leaves, another member is allowed inside. As irritating as it sounds, it will keep the warehouse empty enough to practice good “social distance”.  

    What this means for our clients:

    The door count is being implemented for ALL members- no matter why you’re at Costco. If there is a crowd, you will wait in line. If you’re there to pick up a cake or a prescription… you wait in line. If you have an appointment to see one of our fabulous Doctors and there is a line at the door, you must wait in that line to enter the warehouse. First come, first served.  

    The natural result of that line will be clients being late to their eye exams. 

    Historically, we have had a “late window” for everyone- if someone is more than 10 minutes late to the exam, we reschedule it; but due to this new door count, we are waiving that policy.

    If you have an exam, just get in here the best you can. You may want to arrive 20-30 minutes early just in case- especially for morning exams when the rush is usually the largest.

    Also, due to the optical being closed, you will need to fill your prescriptions elsewhere or just hold on to it until optical is open again.  We provide full prescriptions that can be filled by any optical in the state. 

    If you need contacts, those can be ordered at https://contacts.costco.com/ by uploading a copy of your prescription- it’s really pretty slick. 

    Now to be clear, if we could avoid these hassles for our patients, we absolutely would. We apologize in advance for any problems these changes cause for our clients, but our hands are tied.  Until this pandemic is over, this will be our new normal for the foreseeable future.   

    To summarize:

    • Tigard Eyecare in the Tigard Costco is 100% open for business. Due to CDC guidelines, we are now on hiatus until at least April 6th.
    • We have exams available at your convenience. Call (503) 639-8632 to schedule. (Exams are being scheduled for after April 6th, with the understanding that this is a very fluid situation and our start date may change due to CDC guidance. Thank you for your patience! )
    • Please be prepared to wait in line to get in the building. Try to arrive a bit early if possible.
    • Plan to order your contacts online at https://contacts.costco.com
    • Order your glasses wherever you like, or hold onto the Rx until our optical is reopened- whichever works best for your family.
    • Please practice good hygiene and keep your hands washed!
    • If you are symptomatic of any type of cold or flu or COVID-19, please call to reschedule your exam when you’re feeling better!

    Together, we will all get through this challenging time. Thank you for your patience and support!

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