• Coronavirus Update

    We want to take a moment and discuss our approach to seeing patients during this novel coronavirus outbreak that is now in the Pacific Northwest. Our approach is to try and keep risk of exposure and infection as low as possible for both our employees and our patients. If we all work together to stay healthy, we can mitigate the worst of potential outcomes.

    First off, we want you to rest assured that we take any potential colds/flu/virus infections seriously and we work diligently to disinfect all surfaces, test equipment and ourselves. That being said, there are a few things to consider for your appointment.

    If you are actively sick with symptoms such as a runny nose, a dry cough, a fever or chills, please stay home and reschedule your appointment. No eye exam is worth potentially infecting other people.

    If you or any of your close family members have recently traveled outside of the US, please reschedule your appointment. We are happy to help.

    If a patient arrives for their appointment and they are showing symptoms of the seasonal flu or the common cold, we will kindly ask them to reschedule for after their symptoms have passed. We will also offer them a mask if we have any in stock.

    When you call to book an appointment, we may be asking a few more questions about your current health and prior travel before we schedule the exam.

    All of this is in everyone’s best interests to reduce the risk of transmitting the coronavirus and the flu to our staff or others. In addition to the above, please know we are generous in our use of sanitary wipes and rubbing alcohol for cleaning our equipment.

    As has been mentioned all over the news, there are steps we can all take to help prevent the spread of illness this spring:

    Wash your hands frequently; use gloves when interacting with possibly contaminated surfaces, stop touching your face, if you have to sneeze and you can’t cover your nose, please sneeze into your elbow (just be sure to wash your shirt as soon as you get home- the virus can live 10-12 hours on clothing.) and finally, most importantly, if you are symptomatic, stay home & contact your primary care doctor. Follow their recommendations on when or where to be seen by medical professionals.

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