• The Remodel has Begun!

    Starting at nights on February 8th, the remodel is officially underway.   The office is excited and a little worried how it will go, but we’re assured the project is in great hands.

    I showed up the morning of February 9th to find a curious sight… the door to exam 1 sealed with blue tape.

    Tigard Eyecare Remodel Begins

    Exam Room 1 is Sealed

    I wonder.. what’s on the other side?

    Tigard Eyecare Remodel Update

    New Steel Framing

    Whoa!   Two new exam lanes!

    Tigard Eyecare Remodel

    The backside of the sealed door to Exam 1.


    And the shell of the former Exam lane 1.   Great progress for a night’s work!


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