• Masks Still Required in Office

    Just released today, the Oregon Health Authority has decided to keep masks mandatory in healthcare settings at least through the fall flu season. Since we are a health care setting in the office, it means we are still required to wear them ourselves and all patients are required to as well.

    It’s frustrating because masks are not required anywhere else at this time and most other states have dropped all mask mandates in nearly every situation. We’ve heard the complaints from patients already that “Masks aren’t required in the store- why do I have to use one in here?” Cross that line from the Costco into our little enclosed office space and you’ve crossed into an office that’s ruled by the OHA.

    We don’t make the rules, we just have to enforce and abide by them.

    We understand the reasoning. Covid is still very much a thing and it’s still infecting and killing people across the country. As Covid infections decrease, there is a high likelihood of other respiratory illness increasing as they always do in the fall.

    From the article:

    “Modeling shared from Oregon Health & Science University looking at the upcoming fall season suggests COVID-19 infections may begin to rise by November, even as more Oregonians receive the bivalent booster,” OHA said in a statement. “Fall is also the time when we see a rise in respiratory illnesses, including seasonal influenza.” OHA cited hospital capacity and health care worker shortages as additional reasons to remain cautious about virus transmission in the state.


    We understand this is frustrating for everyone and we really wish we were past this whole pandemic ordeal. We want life to go back to normal as much as anyone. Until then, please be patient with us, try to be kind to everyone you meet and please bring a mask for your exams.

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