• Cheap Liver Drug May be Effective at Preventing Covid-19

    Interesting article on Medscape about research on the drug Actigall can reduce the expression of ACE2 receptors in your nose and throat. Those ACE2 receptors are where the spike proteins on the Covid-19 virus latch on to cause an infection. If you u could block or reduce the number of ACE2 receptors, you could prevent the virus from ever latching on thus preventing an infection.

    I think this is rather ingenious. So many folks are against getting vacinated that our infection rates are still quite high and our hospitals run the risk of filling up with cases every time infections spike. Anything that would help change that and reduce the number of infections would be a good thing in my opinion.

    Take a look at the connected article or watch the video- it’s pretty well explained how it works and how much research has already gone into verifying whether this may work- it’s a much different case than what happened with Ivermectin.

    Check out the full article on Medscape: How a Cheap Liver Drug May Be the Key to Preventing COVID

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