• We are Officially Open for Exams!

    We opened on May 4th as planned and over the week, we have worked out all unforeseen glitches that arose from the new protocols we follow for exams.

    I thought I’d share those protocols so everyone can be prepared when arriving for an exam.

    • Only staff and scheduled patients are allowed in the office at any time. No additional family, friends or guests can accompany the scheduled patient. The only exemptions are a parent of a minor or a translator/personal assistant for folks who need one.
    • To schedule, we request that you call or text the front desk even if you’re standing in front of the office door. This way we can limit the number of people at the front counter to one at a time.
    • All exams must be scheduled in advance- we simply cannot do any walk-in traffic at this time.
    • You must have a mask or face covering to enter Costco at this time- no exceptions. We require you to wear one in our office as well.
    • Give a little extra time to arrive for your exam; Costco has relaxed it’s door-count policy, but at certain rush times, they will implement a line and door count to allow for appropriate social distancing in the warehouse. (Hint: If there is a line to get in, tell the employee at the door you are there for an exam and they should let in.)
    • When you get to our office, please ring the new door bell and a staff member will unlock the door; it is locked at all times so we can limit the number of people in the office.
    • You will notice a big, new plexiglass shield on the front counter. That is for our employees safety as well as yours.
    • All staff including reception, pretest, Doctors and even the IT guy all wear face masks and gloves while in the office. We are very serious about everyone’s safety.
    • When you enter the office for an exam, you will be asked a series of questions about your potential exposure to COVID-19 and staff will take your temperature with a non-contact, infrared thermometer. When that all checks out, you’re given a disinfected clipboard with the registration form and pen.
    • After your exam when you go to check out, the only thing you may need to touch is the credit card terminal and a pen- both of which are disinfected between patients. Also, the credit card terminal is Apple Pay accessible and works great with the newer NFC based credit cards. If you have Apple Pay or one of the newer credit cards with the little radio wave fan on it, you can just tap that on the terminal and not touch anything at all. It’s really very slick for a contact-less way to pay.
    • Before the day begins and between all exams, staff disinfect every single touch point in the reception, pretest areas and exam lanes.
    • Since we remodeled in 2016, we have 3 exam lanes available. We are using all three at this time to ensure that every patient can be in a freshly cleaned room- even if your exam is right after another patient, you’ll be in a fresh, clean exam room while the other is cleaned.
    • After the day is over, the staff again clean everything. We are going through a lot of sanitizer & PPE every day, but patient & staff safety is paramount.
    • A brand new Ozonator is now set to run every night for two hours to further disinfect the office space. It’s smelly when we arrive in the morning but Ozone is incredibly effective against viruses.

    That sums up the new exam experience at Tigard Eyecare. If you have any questions or need to schedule an exam, please don’t hesitate to call or text us at 503-639-8632.

    Stay safe and have a fabulous day!

    New front counter shield.
    The new front counter shield.
    Our new doorbell
    The new doorbell- ring it and a staff member will unlock the door.
    Masks required and please, Patients only.
    Masks required and please, Patients only.
    Please Call or Text to make an appointment!
    Please call or text to make an appointment.
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