• Simple explanation of where your eyes get their color

    This is a fascinating yet really simple explanation of why your eyes have the color they do- and it’s not just your genetics.

    In short, it’s all about the reflection or absorbance of light through the two layers of cells in the iris – the stroma and the epithelium.   Depending on how those layers are structured- the amount of melanin or lack of it and the amount and shape of the collagen, that interplay will determine how much light enters and is absorbed or reflected back out.

    Those dark and mysterious eyes are caused by excessive melanin in the iris absorbing all the color and as a result, they appear dark brown.

    Those bright blue eyes that just seem like they’ve been electrified?  That’s a complete absence of melanin and collagen to absorb or bend the light, so they reflect back the bright blue of natural sunlight.   They’re so bright because nothing absorbing or bending the light that hits the iris.   Pretty cool stuff.

    Here’s the complete article:

    How eyes get their color

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