• Our New Canon CR-2 Plus Digital Retinal Camera

    Digital Retinal Imaging  

    Retinal imaging is a recent technological advancement in eyecare. We at Tigard Eyecare have recently acquired a Canon/Synemed Nonmydriatic retinal camera to provide our patients with the latest options in monitoring ocular health.

    Retinal Image

    A sample of the image quality produced by the Canon CR-2 Plus Digital Retina Camera at Tigard Eyecare.

    With Retinal Imaging, we can now evaluate portions of your eye health with significantly greater detail than ever before. This instrument allows us to capture and record a digital image of the retina, blood vessels, and optic nerve located at the back of your eyes.  For most patients, imaging is quick, painless, and non-invasive. It is very simple and only involves a camera flash. Some patients with very small pupils may require a mild drop to enlarge the pupil sufficiently for imaging.

    The doctor can view the images instantly, review the findings with you, then store these digital images electronically, allowing for comparison on future visits to monitor for any changes over time.

    Retinal imaging can help detect retinal and systemic disease in earlier stages, often before they affect your vision. Early treatment in these cases is often the most effective and may prevent vision loss. For a future of healthy sight, retinal imaging is recommended every two years as part of your regular eye health evaluation.

    Sometimes, it still may be necessary to dilate the eyes in addition to retinal imaging to diagnose eye health issues properly.  The doctor will discuss this with you beforehand if it is necessary.

    We can also use the Canon/Synemed camera to monitor other progressive eye health conditions such as pterygiums and cataracts.


    Imaging – who will benefit?     

    Digital Retinal Imaging is recommended for patients with:

    • diabetes

    • macular degeneration• glaucoma

    • other retinal disorders

    • reduced vision

    • patients over 40 years of age

    • any unusual ocular findings or anyone with a family history of the above.



    Digital Retinal Imaging has been made possible by the latest advances in technology, so is not yet covered by most vision insurance plans or by Medicare.

    If you choose to have Digital Retinal Imaging during your comprehensive eye examination, this will be a separate additional out-of-pocket charge.

    Our current fees are:

    – Digital Retinal Imaging       $30

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