• Eye care tips for college students

    From the American Academy of Ophthalmologists:

    Six eye health tips for college students.


    A quick list of suggestions for college students to keep their eyes happy in a college environment.

    The list is simple and straight forward when it comes to contact lens and eyecare.

    1.  Don’t shower or swim in your contacts. Only use sterile solution to clean or handle your lenses; plain water can damage them and lead to all manner of nasty infections.

    2. Don’t share makeup- it’s easy to spread bacteria that may be in the makeup.

    3. On that note, wash your hands regularly before handling your lenses or rubbing your eyes.

    4. Take a break from eyestrain.    It’s easy to forget to look up when you’re lost in studying for finals, but try the “20-20-20” rule.    Look at something 20 feet away, for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes.   It will help fight eyestrain and fatigue.

    5.  It also helps to just take a break once in a while.   Go outside, look around and give your eyes a break from reading.  A short visual break can help delay or prevent the onset of myopia.

    6.  Protect the eyes when you’re taking that much needed break. Whether it’s an official team sport like basketball or football, or just a recreational pick-up game of hoops, use appropriate eye protection to keep your vision safe.

    Check out the whole article at the AAO website for full details on how to keep your eyes healthy at college and if you have any questions, contact your Doctor today.

    Six eye health tips for college students via the AAO.

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